The WeightHoop

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The WeightHoop The WeightHoop The WeightHoop
The WeightHoop The WeightHoop The WeightHoop

The WeightHoop

£50.00 Regular price £24.95
Unique and innovative design that will forever change the atmosphere in any environment.
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Melt Fat Off Your Body Like Butter!

Are you tired of trying everything to get rid of stubborn belly fat. But simply can't get the results you want? 

Say goodbye to long tedious workouts... Get the same results in just a fraction of the time. And best part is in the comfort of your home while having a blast! 

What if I told you that you can drop inches off your waist all while watching TV.

In a matter of weeks you can achieve the dream body you always desired. The slender hourglass figure. The smooth toned stomach. In just weeks you will be able to wear all the clothes you put aside years ago. The pants that are currently too tight will be loose in just a matter of weeks.

Truly a game-changer that makes working out fun and gives you the results to make you look absolutely stunning.



Connected by 24 detachable clips, our Hula Hoop is adjustable to all waist sizes from 50 to 200 cm




360 degree massage, promote gastrointestinal motility and accelerate fat burning.




The gravity sphere weighs about 370 g, exercising for half an hour burns 800 calories.


How Is It Better Than A Traditional Hula Hoop

✓ Stays on your waist and does not fall off. So less breaks and more hooping.

✓ Burns twice the amount of calories in the same amount of time.

✓ Track progress & set goals with removable links. Also a huge motivator and a great feeling to take a link off.

✓ Works on your core, hips, and legs more effectively.